When and Why Clean my Windows

Whens the best time to clean my windows?

One of the most common, and  traditional, trends that we see is spring cleaning.  Winter is passing, people have been cooped up for a long time, and now they are ready to let in the fresh air and sunshine.  That’s when our phone starts to ring off the hook.

Another big cause for people wanting to get their windows cleaned is for graduation parties and wedding receptions, as well as birthday parties or formal entertaining.

In Fall people begin to look at their windows and notice that they have gotten dirty again, and they want them to be cleaned before the holidays and before the winter.  For these reasons we are usually quite busy right up until Christmas time.

January through mid-March is usually a slow time as well. I imagine this is because people think that we can’t clean windows in the winter time, or because they believe their windows will get dirtier in the wintertime than any other time of year.

Spring, as I stated above, is the most popular time to clean the windows. All in all it’s not a bad time to have it done, because the weather tends to be pleasant overall and the benefits of having your windows cleaned are much appreciated.

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